Cyber Law in India

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Cyber law India is an organization that is dedicated to the passing of relevant and dynamic Cyber laws in India. Considering India is one of the biggest economies impacting electronic commerce and the biggest markets to target, it is but natural to accept that India should have in place appropriate enabling legal provisions for effective and secure cyber transactions. Cyber law India as an organization has been active since late 1990’s in India. Cyber law India was responsible for conducting various programmers directing at creating more awareness about the needs for Cyber law in India. The Information Technology Bill 1999 when presented in Parliament was appropriately analyzed at Cyber law India. Mr. Pavan Duggal, President, Cyber law India, was responsible for demonstrating various draw backs and lacuna of the said legislation. After the passage of the Indian Information Technology Act 2000, Cyber law India was engaged in initiatives, programmes and events that were targeting at creating more awareness amongst the relevant stake holders about the Indian Cyber law namely the Information Technology Act 2000, its salient features and how the said law impacts their day to day operation. Cyber law India has been in the forefront of creating more awareness about effectively strengthening the law impacting Internet and computers within India. The Government of India had tabled the Information Technology Amendment Bill of 2006 before Parliament. The Parliament referred the said Bill to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for its comments. Cyber law India was once again responsible for creating awareness about the new proposed amendments to the Information Technology Act 2000 in India. The Government of India passed the Information Technology Amendment Act of 2008 in December 2008. The said legislation has become law with effect from 5th of February 2009. Cyber law India has been in the forefront of creating more awareness about the new amendments to the Information Technology Act 2000 and their ramifications and impact upon all relevant stake holders and corporate world. Cyber law India believes that India must have the best cyber legal regime in the world. Cyber law Association aims to contribute to the ever evolving cyber legal jurisprudence and emerging legal issues pertaining to Cyberspace, Internet and the World Wide Web.  Cyber law Association is a not for profit association that was found more than a decade ago to encourage the growth of Cyber law in different jurisdictions. It was also initially devised to be meeting point of all related similar thinking individuals and legal entities who had an interest in the evolution, growth and development of Cyber Law, and Cyber Law legal jurisprudence.  Cyber Law Association is the common meeting point of legal professionals, scholars, jurists and other stakeholders who all are committed to the growth of cyber law and cyber legal jurisprudence. What is Cyber law?

Internet is believed to be full of anarchy and a system of law and regulation therein seems contradictory. However, cyberspace is being governed by a system of law and regulation called Cyber law. There is no one exhaustive definition of the term "Cyber law". Simply speaking, Cyber law is a generic term...

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