Cyber Crimes and Steps to Prevent and Control

Topics: Computer crime, Crime, Malware Pages: 7 (2401 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Information Technology solutions have paved a way to a new world of internet, business networking and e-banking, budding as a solution to reduce costs, change the sophisticated economic affairs to more easier, speedy, efficient, and time saving method of transactions. Internet has emerged as a blessing for the present pace of life but at the same time also resulted in various threats to the consumers and other institutions for which it’s proved to be most beneficial. Various criminals like hackers, crackers have been able to pave their way to interfere with the internet accounts through various techniques like hacking the Domain Name Server (DNS), Internet Provider’s (IP) address, spoofing, phishing, internet phishing etc. and have been successful in gaining “unauthorised access” to the user’s computer system and stolen useful data to gain huge profits from customer’s accounts

 What Is Cyber Crime?
Cyber terrorists usually use the computer as a tool, target, or both for their unlawful act either to gain information which can result in heavy loss/damage to the owner of that intangible sensitive information. Internet is one of the means by which the offenders can gain such price sensitive information of companies, firms, individuals, banks, intellectual property crimes (such as stealing new product plans, its description, market programme plans, list of customers etc.), selling illegal articles, pornography etc. this is done through many methods such as phishing, spoofing, pharming, internet phising, wire transfer etc. and use it to their own advantage without the consent of the individual. Many banks, financial institutions, investment houses, brokering firms etc. are being victimised and threatened by the cyber terrorists to pay extortion money to keep their sensitive information intact to avoid huge damages. And it’s been reported that many institutions in US, Britain and Europe have secretly paid them to prevent huge meltdown or collapse of confidence among their consumers.

Types Of Attacks By Hackers
Hacker is computer expert who uses his knowledge to gain unauthorized access to the computer network. He’s not any person who intends to break through the system but also includes one who has no intent to damage the system but intends to learn more by using one’s computer. Information Technology Act 2000 doesn’t make hacking per se an offence but looks into factor of mens rea. Crackers on other hand use the information cause disruption to the network for personal and political motives. Hacking by an insider or an employee is quite prominent in present date. Section 66 (b) of the Information Technology Act 2000, provides punishment of imprisonment for the term of 3 years and fine which may extent to two lakhs rupees, or with both Therefore if anyone secures access to any computer without the permission of the owner shall be liable to pay damages of one crore rupees under Information Technology Act, 2000. Computer system here means a device including input and output support devices and systems which are capable of performing logical, arithmetical, data storage and retrieval, communication control and other functions but excludes calculators. Unauthorised access under Section 43 of the Information Technology Act 2000 is punishable regardless of the intention or purpose for which unauthorised access to the computer system was made. Owner needn’t prove the facto of loss, but the fact of it been used without his authorisation. Case of United States v. Rice would be important in this regard where defendant on the request of his friend (who was been under investigation by IRS officer) tried to find the status of his friend’s case by using officer’s computer without his consent. Though it didn’t cause any damage/loss to the plaintiff (officer) but was convicted by the Jury for accessing the computer system of a Government without his authority and his...
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