Customs and Courtesies

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Customs and Courtesies
The Army of today is an extremely traditional

community with a varying and extreme amount of customs,

and has literally thousands of ways of conducting its business.

Some have aged well with time, and the ones that haven’t have

been updated to accommodate the changing tides of societal

custom. Although many have been altered so as to suit the

current demanding trends of modern day change, possibly the

oldest of the traditions is still alive today in the United States

Armys rules, regs, customs, and courtesies. The seven Army

values are among the most important main fundamentals of the

Armys way of life, alongside those being our traditional

customs and courtesies. They are the main fundamentals of

Army life, and are expected of us on and off duty, no matter

the setting, or the recipient of said values. The birth of our

glorious military dating all the way back to the first militias of

the 13 colonies abided a system of customs and courtesies that

have been passed on ever since, and are integral to the unit

cohesion which the survival of our great nation depends on.

These customs are defining features of the professionalism that

is always expected of us. Taking these military fundamentals

laxly or undermining them in any way, sabotages the espirit de

corps, which we all rely on to keep us together as a family of

warriors. Professionalism taught by these customs and

traditions must govern all soldiers in both their personal life,

but also at work, and in the field. These customs promote a

more pleasurable life for all involved, creating involvement, a

sense of completion, and gratefulness to the style of military

life they have become a part of, and it will hold true

throughout that soldiers entire Army career.
Customs and courtesies are a way of behaving, a

behavior that has prevailed through army history so long that...
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