Customer Service and Training

Topics: Customer service, Evaluation, Evaluation methods Pages: 11 (3861 words) Published: March 21, 2010
The Verizon Wireless Corporate customer service department has been receiving poor customer service ratings and complaints from customers at our retail stores and via the call center. Verizon Wireless Corporate is a reputable organization that is committed to offer customers the most reliable service on the nation’s best wireless voice and data network. Because of its widely known reputation management needs to be aware of these issues and take action immediately. In order to move forward, we must evaluate the training process and proceed accordingly. Our first task is to conduct a training needs assessment for Verizon Wireless Corporate. We begin with the organizational analysis. Due to the high sensitivity of complaints, management will be under full advisement of the training process. “Verizon Wireless’ integrity in the marketplace is a key component of our reputation for trustworthiness and service.” Because of its credo on integrity, training should be taken very seriously to live up to its value and fall under its business strategy with keeping to it’s’ policies and procedures. Resources must be made available in order to maintain Verizon’s reliable service reputation status in its communities. In order to maintain the high standards demanded from our associates the training staff is recommending keeping these training modules within the company. To keep training costs at a reasonable level, we intend to utilize an interview technique. This will enable the training staff to work at an efficient pace that won’t interfere with obscure schedules. Another cost effective technique will be the use of online technology. We will establish a working relationship with NETG, a company which provides online services for various training modules. It is highly recommended and been used with other big companies such as Koch Industries, Inc, Blue Cross Blue Shield RI (BCBSRI), and Unisys. We will be able to design specific training outlines targeting customer service skills. By implementing the use of online technology, there will be little interruption to the employees daily work procedures. Also, we believe that employees will respond more to its Verizon personnel than an outside source. Our next analysis will be Person Analysis. For this, we will start at the time of hire. At this time all employees will be required to review their policy and procedure manuals given to them and will be required to have the manuals assessable at all times. The HR Department will need to verify that all employees signed and dated these documents. The training department will need to contact all employees via email requesting them to respond with any questions, concerns or complains with these documents, so it can be added or adjusted to the training course. This will be required to aid in determining if there are any misunderstandings within the organization. Employees will also be asked to select what day’s best fit their schedule based on the training schedule provided to them. As you can see, the training department is asking all employees, because this type of training is required by everyone in the organization. Task Analysis is our next assessment. The training sessions will focus on Verizon’s commitment and values. It’s commitment to put our customers first by providing excellent service and great communications experiences. Its values include integrity, respect, performance excellence, and accountability. These values will be instilled in all of our employees. This part of the needs assessment will also focus on the managers for each retail store and call centers. These managers need to be well versed in the policy and procedure guidelines for this type of training. Once this training is complete, they will be responsible for upholding these guidelines and recognizing when certain values become inappropriate. Two techniques will be utilized for these training sessions, interviewing and online technology. In order to gain a better...

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