Customer Satisfaction

Topics: Retailing, Department store, Shopping mall Pages: 44 (8779 words) Published: February 26, 2013

A Project Proposal on

Big Bazaar, Hubli

Submitted in fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Bachelor degree of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
During the academic year 2010-2011

Exam no.O7101009

INSTITUTE HEAD: COMPANY HEAD: Mr.B.B.Biradar Mr.Pradeep Department of HR Department Management studies Big Bazaar, Karnataka Arts College,Dharwad Hubli


- “Experience is the best Teacher”. But experience is fulfilled only when there is hard work and also good support and cooperation offered by various people that I have been able to compile in this report. It is always wise to appreciate such people who have helped me to complete Internship Program successfully.

I express my deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness to my Institute which has provided me an opportunity to fulfill the most cherished desire to reach my goal.

I am deeply indebted to my Company guide Mr. Pradeep and all staff of Big Bazaar. I am obliged to Mr.Pradeep, HR of Big Bazaar for facilitating a fruitful project at the store. And special thanks to Mr. Chenna Bullannavar, Store Manager, Big Bazaar, for his kind support.

I am bound to our beloved Principal, Dr..Smt.S.S Herlekar for his stimulating support. I would like to express my sense of gratitude to Mr. B.B Biradar for his valuable guidance. I thank all my teammates who extended all co-operations during the IP 2010-2011

I fail in my duty if I forget to express my heartfelt gratitude to my parents who supported me in completing the internship program successfully.


Chapter 1. Executive Summary
Chapter 2. The organization:
Introduction to retail sector
Indian Retail sector
Company profile
Introduction to
Big Bazaar, Hubli
Company Vision and mission
Special awards and rewards
Organization Chart
Different departments
and functions
Chapter3. Methodology
Need and objectives of the study Data Collection
Chapter4 Analysis & Graphs
Chapter 5 Findings

Retail Sector is the most booming sector in the Indian economy. Some of the biggest players of the world are going to enter into the industry soon. It is on the threshold of a big revolution after the IT sector. Although organized retail market is not as strong as of now, but it is expected to grow manifolds by the year 2010. The sector contributes 10% of the GDP, and is estimated to show 20% annual growth rate by the end of the decade. The current growth rate is estimated to be 8.5%. The retail market is most fragmented in the world and only 2% of the entire retailing business is in the organized sector. There are about 300 new malls, 1500 supermarkets and 325 departmental stores being built in the cities very soon. Employees now want healthy and friendly environment. They expect good facilities in the working condition. The project involves three main aspects namely industry profile, company profile and analysis part. In industry profile about the...
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