Customer Complaint

Topics: Hotel, Quality assurance, Quality management Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: March 27, 2011
The ability of an organization to attract and retain customers is vital to its success. Customer loyalty requires a strong desire by the customer for a product, and availability of several product vendors to choose the product based on his/her preferences. Hospitality organizations are in the relatively unique position of attempting to bridge two worlds; the domestic and the commercial as they deliver on the service promise. These two factors are very much applicable in the hotel industry as more and more people visit different places and need places to stay and huge numbers of hotels are available. Customer loyalty is often shaped by positive experience by the customer during his/her stay in a hotel. A number of factors contribute to the experience are: customer service; cleanliness; facilities; price; food; and location. There is sometimes the hotel receptionist or hotel front liner did not bother about the complaints. Usually because they are either too embarrassed; they have no argument for the valid complaint; the person complaining is what known as a "professional complainer" or they are just too lazy to bother with the task.

Based on the case study, the person was not satisfied with the services that provided by the hotel that the name was not mention. The hotel services were worse. The person who complained wanted to warned people out there not to come to the hotel. What was experienced by the person was, the room was looked very badly. There was a bad stain on the roof, unclean-looking bed sheets, and unpleasant odor. Besides, the television was dirty and did not work at all and the light in the bathroom also did not work. The person also dissatisfied with the manner of the receptionist did not treat them well. After all, they had to move to another hotel, Bayan Indah which is 100% completely different and wonderful from the first hotel.

There are several problems that we can identify in the...
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