Customer Buying Behavior

Topics: Consumer protection, Convenience store, Demographics Pages: 3 (484 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Activity 3: Click vs. Brick (1 page limit: use approximate space provided) |Name: | | |Student Number: | | |Tutorial day and time: | |

|List the products that you have searched for information online in the past 12 months and BOLD those you actually bought online. | |Sports outfits (Real Madrid Football Club Away Kit) | |Play Station video games Pre-Orders (Fifa 14, GTAV, Batman Arkham Origins) | |Furniture (Office Chair) | |Mobile phone devices (iPhone 5 and Samsung S4) | |What other product categories are often bought online? | |Entertainment Products such as Movies and Musical CDs/DVDs | |Air Passage such as Tickets and frequent flyers Miles | |Books and Textbooks such as | |Health and Diet Products such as Protein Concentrate and diet formulas...
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