Buyer Behaviour

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Buyer Behaviour


Terry Smith

Explain how the application of Buyer Behaviour theory has been applied and used in the marketing and purchase of a specific consumer brand


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This assignment will attempt to discuss the thought process and interaction between a consumer brand and its market. Relevant theory and models will be used in order to underpin arguments put forward; research will be conducted from the perspective of both a consumer and organisational perspective. The brand that will be researched in this assignment will be Nintendo.

The Nintendo organisation is one of the most recognised brands in the video games industry. Established in 1889 the Nintendo organisation was originally set up to produce playing cards, the Nintendo brand evolved and differentiated and is now recognised as one of the leading names in games console manufacturing. Products such as Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, and most recently the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS have been spawned by the Nintendo organisation. The Nintendo Wii is the product that will be primarily discussed during this assignment.


The Wii console was launched in 2006, and offers a unique gaming experience with a wireless controller and a remote control that detects movement with a sensor. Features of the Nintendo Wii include Wii Sports where consumers are can test their levels of fitness and keep on top of their fitness levels through training. Nintendo provides its industry with something it has never seen before, combining a gaming experience with a fitness workout. Due to the exclusivity of the product, extensive marketing has to be applied in order to understand the thought process of the consumer and meet the consumer’s needs.

The Decision Making Process developed by Engel Blackwell and Miniard (1990) is used in order to understand thoughts of consumers when buying products.

Problem Recognition

A problem is identified when the consumer recognises that there is a perceived difference between their actual and desired state. Both internal and external stimuli can lead consumers to recognise that they have a problem. There are two types of problems that a consumer can experience, both active and inactive problems. For an active problem the consumer is aware of the problem at hand, and then marketing is used by the organisation in order to promote a particular brand. A consumer can also experience an inactive problem, they are not aware that there is a problem however marketing highlights to the consumer that they have a problem, and then highlight a brands superior quality.

Through the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo have recognised a problem within society. Lifestyles of youths have been heavily criticised for being less active than previous generations and some critics blame computer games for this, as consoles distract children from active lifestyles and playing sports. However doubts may arise as to how much physical activity can actually be done in the home, and if the consumer wants to play on a games console it will buy a console with good game play, if the consumer wants to partake in physical activity they can join the gym, consumers may be sceptical at combining the two. Nintendo recognises this problem and combines a computer console with an active lifestyle. Therefore through a gaming experience children can also achieve an active lifestyle. During its launch in 2006 the recommended retail price of the Nintendo Wii was around £180.00 and although the Wii is a child’s games console it will be the children’s parents / guardians that will be physically buying the product. Therefore marketing campaigns also have to be tailored towards the parents.

The Wii has also recognised a problem that would hit home to parents. Society has been criticised for a distinct lack in family values as opposed to previous generations, less time is dedicated to home life and families don’t spend...
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