Curriculum Development Based on Norms, Values, and Traditions

Topics: Mariano Álvarez, Education, Metro Manila Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: June 27, 2013
CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT BASED ON NORMS, VALUES, and TRADITIONS The town General Mariano Alvarez was named after the Captain of Municipality of Noveleta, Gen. Mariano Alvarez. In September 1961, then Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia authorized the National Government to purchase the land at a cost of P 1,600,500.00, to house squatters from Manila and sub- urban. And in March 1986 General Mariano Alvarez was declared as the resettlement area for the informal settlers from Manila, Quezon City and Paranaque. Having gone from different places, people from General Mariano Alvarez was not able to set its own tradition. Old people usually rely on their own sets of values and beliefs, base on the provinces where they are originated from. Common Filipino traditions like “PAGMAMANO” and words “PO at OPO” are particularly injected to the mind of the learners, not only in their respective homes, but also in VALUES EDUCATION. Filipino values are also enhanced through activities such as scouting, dance club, journalism and daily lessons.

Traditional dances like karatong, tinikling,pandangguhan are continually nurture in school. Festivals like “Mascara” and “Ati- Atihan” are also enjoyed by the learners. Having won the 2013 Municipal Mass Demonstration for “The 3rd Tinapa at Kakanin Festival”, San Gabriel I Elementary School ensures to consider learners interest and abilities. Education in San Gabriel 1 Elementary School, place a vital part in developing and improving life of people in the community. The school curriculum is localized to cater the needs of the learner and the community as well. San Gabriel 1 Elementary School believes that learners have to gain skills in living in a changing world and simultaneously developed to become productive and self reliant individual. The school curriculum offers “Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan”. Being an Agricultural Community, the school offers Agro Industry for Grade 5 and Grade...
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