Curriculum. Assessment and Methods: Science and Mathematics

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Learning Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: January 10, 2013
EDU 225
Sonya Berges
Technology Software to Support Assessment

Technology can facilitate the ongoing effort to access student’s learning by assessing the materials through wireless interactive smartboards, along with wireless activotes that are a part of the smartboard, design software, website, and united streaming media. With the interactive smart boards, students are taught the lessons in an interesting way that makes the lesson fun. Students are tested on the materials learned by using activotes to answer the questions. Technology makes this learning tool interesting and educational for the students. Students learning skills can be develop through technology that helps to develop communication skills. With Technology the teacher helps to facilitate students to think critically, analyze information, communicate, collaborate, and solve problems. Technology helps the students to think critically about reading materials and problem solving in math. Through technology analyzing information benchmark test can be made easier because the student have been taught through technology skills how to analyze situations on tests. In math, problem solving is taught with technology. Students can learn a great deal of problem solving techniques with technology. The teacher can add additional learning skills by the assessment taken through technology. With communication and technology, students are able to learn by design software that teaches them to communicate effectively in a classroom. There are many skills that technology helps to facilitate in learning. A Word processor may help with communication skills. These skills help to promote organizational skills on the internet. Technology is used as a tool for students so that they can apply their learning processes. Through these processes a higher level of thinking and creativity is developed. The difference between formative assessment and summative assessment is that formative assessment is an ongoing...

Technology Enhanced Formative Assessment: A research based Pedagogy for teaching Science with Classroom
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Vol. 18 Issue 2, p146-162. 17p; DOI: 10. 1007/s10356-008-9140-4.
Connecting classrooms in rural communities through interactive whiteboards. By: Mithchell, Jane; Hunter, Jane; Mockler,
Nicole. Australasian Journal of Education Technology, 2010, vol. 26 Issue 4, p464-476, 13p, 2 Diagrams.
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