Curriculum And Syllabus

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Curriculum and syllabus
In the existing literature on language education, the term curriculum and syllabus are sometimes used interchangeably, sometimes differentiated, sometimes misused and misunderstood. According to Nunan, a curriculum is concerned with making general statements about language learning, learning purpose, and experience, and the relationship between teachers and learners, whereas a syllabus is more localized and is based on the accounts and records of what actually happens at the classroom level as teachers and students apply a curriculum to their situation. In addition, a syllabus is the specification of the content of a course of instruction. It lists what will be taught and tested. It is an aspect of curriculum development. It has a list of topics, books, etc. that students should study in a particular subject at school or colleges. The process of developing a syllabus is called syllabus design. Curriculum is a combination of subjects that are included in the course of study or taught in the school, college, etc. Under the curriculum, there are different syllabuses. Curriculum development is more comprehensive process than syllabus design. A syllabus is a specification of what takes place in the classroom, which usually contains the aims and contents of teaching and sometimes contains suggestions of methodology. However, a curriculum provides general statements about the rationale about language, language learning and language teaching detailed specification of aims, objectives and target learning purpose, and implementation of program. Syllabus is often used to refer to something similar to a language teaching approach, whereas curriculum refers to a specific document of a language program developed for a particular country or region. Therefore, we can talk about grammatical syllabus or a task-based syllabus, but we don’t have a grammatical curriculum or a task-based curriculum. Based on this distinction, we assume that...

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