current tourism issues in jamaica

Topics: The Guest, Receptionist, Hotel Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: October 16, 2013

Name: sabrina platt
knox community college
school of hospitality and tourism
September 25, 2013
mrs thompson

A. Review comments and create strategies to capitalize on two of the positive comments.

“The transformation has been incredible to watch as the renovations have been completed. Although they are still remodelling, any inconvenience that may occur is at a minimal. The entire staffs have excellent customer service no matter what your need or want may be.” This was what one guest who visited Pegasus hotel in Kingston for business thought of the facility. I like the fact that the hotel is taking time out to do a little remodelling but still that should not be a barrier to the guest to move around the facility as how they wish to. For example a guest may be bumping over blocks or buckets been rolled in the walk way which can be very unattractive; it would be an amazing experience if the hotel provide entertainment groups to entertain guests during the time of reconstruction to prevent their visit to be distracted by the overall disturbance. The staff could portray better professionalism to the guest by welcoming them to the hotel and try to respond to their needs and wants immediately.

B. Implement corrective actions on eight of the negative comments.
It was posted on the site five of five stars reviewed on August 28, 2013, that a recent guest at Pegasus hotel in Kingston Jamaica commented that the stay at this facility was not a good one as the receptionists at the front desk were clueless whenever the asked questions. I would suggest that the front office manager (who is a person who supervises all the activities that takes place at the front desk) of the hotel pay more attention to this condition, or choose better qualified persons in order to play the role of the receptionist. The front office of a hotel is perhaps the most important area of the organization. The employees that make up his department are the...
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