Current Health Care Issues

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Organizational Responsibility & Current Health Care Issues HCS - 545

Organizational Responsibility & Current Health Care Issues
In today's modern world with plenty of technology, it is hard to believe that we cannot figure out how to reduce Medical errors. The issue of medical error is not new in health care organizations. It has been in spot light since 1990's, when government did research on sudden increase in number of death in the hospitals. According to Lester, H., & Tritter, J. (2001), "Medical error is an actual or potential serious lapse in the standard of care provided to a patient, or harm caused to a patient through the performance of a health service or health care professional." Medical errors are the mistakes made by health care providers with no intention to harm patients. There are few different ways medical error can occurs. Some of them medical errors are surgical error, wrong medicine given to patient, reaction to medication , failure to provide right care to patient on time, communication error between doctor and nurse, manufacture error, equipment failure, Diagnostic error, etc. According to Mallory, Weller, Bloch, and Maze (2003), The Institute of Medicine found that medical errors kill almost 100,000 Americans per year. Also There are about 1 million injuries per year are caused by medical error. And because of all this error in medical field medical error death is in top 5 cause of death in the hospital. Also medical error is not only affecting the patients, it is also increasing the number of financial costs. In 2008, the annual cost of medical error that harm the patient was $17.1 billion( Van Den Bos, 2011) . Medical errors affects the health care organization different ways. Medical errors could happen if hospital or clinic doesn't have enough medical staff to provide beast care to patient. There are so many facilities has shortage of nurses because of that nurses who work there have to work beyond their regular shift(Mallory, Weller, Bloch, & Maze, 2003). In this country there are so many nurses who makes medical error when they are giving medication to patient with understaffing and working overtime should blamed for these mistakes. When hospital don't have enough nurses to provide care to patient, chances of having medical error increases. Many times to stay under the budget, hospitals decides to replace registered nurses with less-qualified, less-paid licensed nurses. In this case, the remaining registered nurses will have to work overtime and heavy workload to cover the work . Many times one nurse have to cover more than 10 patients at once, which leads to delay of care to patients. Insurance company can get an affect from medical error, which are done by physicians or hospital staff. Many time we have heard , the patient received wrong prescription or surgery on wrong part of the body. When this kind of medical error happens, either hospital or insurance company have to pay for all of the extra expenses. Many times doctor writes a wrong medical ICD 9 codes, which leads to wrong charges for the treatment given to the patient . ICD9 codes are a system of number that were created by insurance companies to recognize the patient diagnosis without going through the hassle of reading doctors handwriting. In many cases because of medical error patient receives wrong drug and gets extremely sick. In response to help sick patient hospital will have to use other medication that was not plan to use for this particular patient and insurance will result in paying for all the medicine expanse. In some cases patient gets wrong diagnosis , which can be very costly, time consuming and threat to patient safety and quality care. Many studies have shown that most of the medical errors occurs because of wrong diagnose of patient problem. According to Nilson (2009) "The National Patient Safety Foundation stated that 42% of medical patients feel they have experienced a medical...
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