Culture of France

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The culture of France is very diverse. It reflects a lot on the differences in the regions and the influence of the new immigration. For many centuries, France and especially Paris, have played a very meaningful role in the world’s culture. Paris is the leading capital of fashion and design. France is famous for their multicultural differences with the fascination of style with fashion, cuisine and looks. The French are often regarded to as very proud of their national and cultural identity.

French is one of the world’s great languages. Besides in France itself, French can be heard in several other European countries and throughout Africa. French is one of the romance languages, has been the official language since 1992 which descended from Latin.

In many countries they have many different traditions and customs. In France a popular tradition at weddings is beheading bottles of champagne using a specially made saber which is a heavy cavalry sword with a slightly curved blade that is sharp on one edge. This tradition originated in the time of Napoleon when the Hussards under the generals command began celebrating victories by swinging a sabre and nearly slicing the top off a champagne bottle.

Many old French traditions are related to the holiday season. Holding a puppet show on Christmas Eve is very common and late at midnight, people attend church for the traditional Christmas mass. After mass they have a late Christmas Eve dinner called “Le reveilllon” referring to the birth of Christ.

Easter called “ paques” in France is a very important time for the French, who have a strong Christian and especially Catholic background. According to traditions, no church bells are rung on the Thursday before good Friday and remain silent for several days until Easter Sunday.

According to the law, church and state are separated. There are several religions in France. There’s of course Catholicism, which is the traditional religion of the French; there is also...
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