Culture and Society of The Odyssey

Topics: Prophecy, Oedipus, Tragedy Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: December 17, 2013
Oedipus Rex Persuasive Essay
Oedipus Rex is a story of a man whose life was wracked with misery. His life was marked by tragedy because of his actions and the actions of those around him. It could be said that it was fate that is to blame, for fate is the design by which things happen. But is fate really the instigator of all action, or do our actions determine fate? It is not just fate that is to blame for this tragedy, all those who were involved suffered the consequences in the story, and this meant that they all played a part in creating the fateful and most tragic events. In the end it can be said that fate, human nature and the fear of fate itself is to blame for this tragedy.

When one thinks of the word fate and its meaning, one might think of a controlling, inhuman force that serves as the master creator of action. But is that really what fate is? Is fate what determines our destiny, or can we as humans determine our fate? In Oedipus Rex, fate becomes a major character, yet also a major character flaw. When the oracles are questioned, the fate that Oedipus would one day slay his father and wed his mother is feared so much that certain precautions are taken by Oedipus’ parents to try and defy the prophesy the oracles foretold. These precautions in the end were what made it possible for fate to come true. Because of human nature, the prophecy foretold by the oracles came true and caused Oedipus and Jocasta to react so violently and tragically. The fate of Oedipus was never sealed to begin with. Imagine if the oracles were never questioned, if King Laius and Queen Jocasta simply trusted their destinies and Oedipus himself, the whole story would have been different. It is the human nature within them that made them question their fate and the fate of their child. This ultimately, created more doubt which made them act rashly and in the end confirm the prophecy that the oracles foretold. If Laius and Jocasta had done nothing, then their fates would have...
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