Cultural Sensitivity

Topics: Decision making, China, Han Chinese Pages: 4 (1560 words) Published: August 1, 2013
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Melynda Maxey
Cultural Sensitivity
April 11, 2013

Due to the current import and export infrastructure we already have in place with China, I would like to make a recommendation that we look at this country for our new venture. Before making any decision toward this move there will be several cultural issues that must be addressed. Clearly there are differences between our two countries and I would like to mention ones that could affect our relationship with them. Because China is the oldest civilization in the world, they are heavily influenced by tradition passed on from former generations. Whereas the majority of the population in the United States has conformed to every culture and religion that now resides within the continental borders. We have gotten away from tradition and forget about respecting other countries and individuals that still recognize theirs. Doing business in China will prove to be very successful if we are prepared before going over there to their country. The two issues that I believe we should address would be 1) doing business within the community, 2) public behavior. Both of these have multiple items within them; however, we are addressing two or three from each one. Let’s begin with Doing Business within the Community – Again, China is heavily influenced by tradition, religion and Confucianism. China has been influenced by the western world and the business and family units have changed with this influence. However, Confucianism says that structure comes from order of life and society. There is a hierarchical structure not only within families but also within a business and it is respected. In America, we are use to making a decision, calling a meeting, talking about it or voting on it, and then moving on. This can sometimes happen in a very short amount of time. Unlike us, the Chinese like to ponder. It is not uncommon for them to take days to make a decision. It is always in...
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