Diversity in the Chinese Workplace

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Diversity in the Chinese Work Place

In terms of race, there is very little diversity in Chinese businesses. China currently has the worlds' largest population at 1.2 billion people which could be a reason of the lack of racial diversity in business. Even though there is a lack of racial diversity that does not mean that there is no diversity in Chinese businesses. Diversity is not limited to just race or ethnic background, which is what most people think diversity is. Diversity also includes different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, personalities and basically anything different. Since China lacks racial diversity, most of their diversity in the Chinese work place comes from the different regions in which each worker is from. Some of the major regions in China are Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. All are located in the country of China and may all speak Chinese but there is a cultural difference among them which adds to the diversity in Chinese businesses. The Chinese inhabitants of each region hold distinct cultural values, some of which reflect their historical encounters with the Western world.

When dealing with Chinese businesses it would be wrong to assume or apply any broad generalizations about the Chinese. Even though they are lacking a racial diversity, each of their personalities is different. Each workers personality will vary according to their family background, education and work experience. All these factors are part of the diversity that is unseen in a business in China. Having employees from other regions can benefit a business in China. Much like diversity in U.S. businesses, diversity can help a business prosper and build a strong clientele. Diversity in a business is a great benefit, whether it is in China or the Western world. Diversity can help a business work with customers appropriately and by satisfying the needs of the customers. For example, a restaurant with only English speaking servers would have a...
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