Cultural Diversity

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9) Cultural Diversity Enhances a Workplace
By: Effie Moore Salem Updated: October 29, 2009 Cultural diversity is what gives a workplace class. A workplace with diverse cultures is a most interesting place to work; a workplace without cultural diversity is a workplace going nowhere, doing nothing to ensure continuance. People with different cultures are living treasures to an entrepreneurial business. They can be, is in the right light, educational means for everyone. The benefits of working with others that are unlike your family, your friends, is a good way to prevent narrow mindedness. Cultural diversity enhances workplaces by serving as learning experiences for all, employers as well as employees.  You may not learn French by working with a French co-worker but inadvertently you will pick up a few words and some gestures and mannerism that will enrich your own life as well as theirs. This keeps the world view in perspective, promotes sharing and equality and adds dimensions to what could be an ordinary place of work. Let’s face it. We all were not born wealthy and good looking and glib conversationalist. Nor are we all upper class society folks. Some of us are downright inadequate where social graces are concerned and have no idea whether a red wine or a white wine should be ordered at a fancy dinner. No knowing this, we are glad we have a wine connoisseur only two offices over when we are in charge of the menu for our annual party. Cultural diversity is meaningful. Having that refugee working in your office as an understudy is good for her as well as for you. You see her struggling to learn and it brings out the best in you. You find ways of helping her and when she successfully passes her tests and is hired, you are delighted. It is in these kinds of environments that we learn of each other’s struggles as we carry out our office routines each day. Having others different from us share our work experience on a...
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