Cultural Diversity

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Managing cultural diversity in an organization

i. Introduction

The world is now on the way to reach with globalization, all the countries in the world try to share their labors, try to create their relationship, and they are all trying to work to together among the different nations. In this context, all the people need to adapt themselves with the different cultural situation. Managing cultural diversity is the most importing thing in the world of globalization. Cultural diversity is defined as is a range of differences that include gender, race, ethnicity and age. It also includes differences that are not visible like education, professional background, and functional area of expertise, sexual preferences and religion. The way countries view diversity depends on the cultural values of the people, the range of diversity in the population and attitudes towards these differences, according to (2008), internet. Base on the (posted on December 3, 2011, internet) also define Cultural diversity as the variety of the makeup or the multiculturalism of a group or organization or region. It is also called multiculturalism. It includes the various different social structures, belief systems, and strategies the cultures use for adapting to life situations in various parts of the world.

So as it is defined, managing cultural diversity is not only important for now but even in the future that all the people in the world need to solve due to the change of multicultural and increasing of population in the world. Especially, in the organization, this must be the key to success among the different groups of people. The Ann C.Schauber (Journal of extension, June, 2001, internet) stated that an effective, cultural diverse organization is one whose culture is inclusive of all the varying groups and constituencies it intends to serve, that is, in the case of Extension service, the people of the state. The organization’s value, mission, vision, policies, procedures, and norms constitute a culture that is manifested in multiple perspectives and adaptability to varying value, beliefs, and communication style.

In the modern society, managing cultural diversity is not easy that it require to familiar with its concepts, diversity in the workplace and so on.

ii. Concepts of diversity

Working in the different ethnics, cultures and dissimilar races or nations are the most difficult for people in the organization. “Diversity is a subjective phenomenon, created by group members themselves who on the basis of their different social identities categorize others as similar or dissimilar” (Barbara Mazur, November 2, 2010, p.5). And O’Reilly, Williams, &Barsade (1998, p.186) also stated that a group is diverse if it is composed of individuals who differ on a characteristic on which they base their own social identity.

The study of diversity is to guide all the people to learn to work with different kinds of people and adapt themselves with the new working condition among different groups. Furthermore, it can show people to know how to manage with some dimensions that is the effects in the organization. In the organization, it is usually divided in to three dimensions of diversity that are shown in the table below.

The dimensions of diversity

|Primary Dimension |Secondary dimension |Tertiary Dimension | |Race |Religion |Beliefs | |Ethnicity |Culture |Assumptions | |Gender |Sexual orientation |Perceptions | |Age |Thinking Style |Attitudes | |Disability |Geography origin...
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