Cultural Considerations

Topics: Culture, The Culture, Robert Peel Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: June 8, 2013
Cultural Considerations
Robert D. Perry
May 27, 2013
Joseph Richard Gutheinz, J., J.D.

INTRODUCTION People belonging to different cultures have different perception towards the aspects of life and justice is also under these aspects that have significant impact of culture. Individuals belonging to particular cultures have their opinion about the justice that is greatly influenced by the type of culture they belong to as every culture has some ethics and values that each individual and society follows. The concept of globalization has made people to live in diverse countries with different justice system and this leads to the issue of cross cultural disparity in perception of justice of different systems. So the culture values play a significant role in perceptions of justice and outcomes along with the comparison process (Bond, 1982).

EFFECT ON JUSTICE AND SECURITY ADMINISTRATION Since the people associated with certain cultures have their own beliefs and these beliefs of individuals belonging to different cultures contradicts them with the laws and regulations of a particular country. Some cultural facets negate or mitigate criminal responsibility where acts are committed under a reasonable good-faith belief in their propriety, based on the individual’s cultural heritage or tradition and this makes the people of particular culture to disagree with justice formulation of culture. The dissatisfaction of people from the justice system of the country escorts practical problems of the law and culture clash in the context of criminal and to some degree to civil liabilities also. These differences also cause variety of cases including homicide, the treatment of children, animals and the dead as well as the regulation of marriage, attire, and drug usage cases to rise to a greater extent thus making it difficult for the security administration to enforce...

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