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Nalanko Maaren Manampathy S R |
the kid club| Business plan for a recreational facility|

The main idea of this project is to provide inputs on my business plan to open a recreational facility for kids under the age of 10. I have also taken time off to design a business structure, cost of purchasing equipment and cost of setting up the facility.

Recreational facilities for kids have been part of the entertainment and sport industry for so many years now. Since my facility is going to be only for kids under the age of 10, I wish to add a lot of activities that would not be common in a recreational facility. I personal view this as a marketable and profitable industry as parents have started to work these days and most of kids spend time at the day care until they reach a specific age. Hence, my idea of adding a day care center to my facility will definitely boost my chances to allure more parents to drop their kids for a bit of sports activity and entertainment which can make it profitable.

According to Ms. Kimberly Grandal, the executive director of Re-Creative resources, “Activities are the best medicine”. I feel that she is true in so many ways, given the fact that activities are still considered to be the best medicine amongst youth these days. Before I took the assignment survey, I met a couple of persons at a private bar who were regulars at the recreation center. After talking to them, I found out that they believed that since they work out at the gym, the bad effects of smoking and drinking would come down. Scientifically, I am not sure whether this is true but this is indeed the belief with most of the kids these days.

I would like to name my recreation center as “The Kid Club”. The main objective for me to open this recreational center is to create a service industry that can provide services to kids and help their parents focus more on the future of the kids while we can take care of the present life of the kids and in a motive to extend customer expectations. Since the recreation center is planned to be profit driven, according to the number of kids, the fee would vary every year. More the number of kids higher the price would be. And our motive would be to increase the number of kids joining the center by atleast 10% each year which would mean an increase in profit year after year. Since, my focus is to concentrate on building it for the community (to begin with), my aim is to first intimate the community of what the company is offering for them and make them believe that there is no other center that can take better care of their kids than us.

The Kid Club’s mission is to provide extraordinary child care in a child- friendly environment while the kids are brought up in a playful environment that focuses on education, sports and building an environment conducive for learning. I feel that “The Kid Club” can attain popularity almost immediately because of the trend that most parents today are follow is to join their kids into a day care centers. But given the fact that our center is not just a day care center but also a recreation center with multiple facilities, I feel that it is an automatic choice for parents to bring up their kids in a more supportive and friendly environment.

The Kid Club will be a new center of its kind offering Day Care, Birthday Parties, Sports Activities and Special Events for Kids, Convenient Working hours and Personal Teachers. What makes it so special for the Kid club is that I want to make it everything available at one facility. Though it would be cost consuming to have everything at one location, I feel that it is one way of attracting parents who would want to choose the best activity for their kid and join them with kids from kids from different sections. This would provide the kids an opportunity to have a school like experience with meeting kids from different interests.

Like I mentioned before it is not easy to set up a facility that would...

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