Cropping Systems

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Cropping Systems
Just as each individual is unique so too are the methods of farming in every town, village, country and region. A variety of farming systems have been formulated for producing crops in different places. In the Caribbean the main cropping systems are: •Continuous Cropping: this is where the same area of land is under continuous cultivation. It is practiced where there is a short supply of good agricultural land. The land is never left to fallow. •Monocropping: this is the planting of a single crop in the field and allowing that crop to reach maturity without introducing another crop in the field. •Crop Rotation: this is where crops of different families are cultivated in succession on the same plot of land. Example: root vegetables – cassava, yam

legumes- peas, bodi
leaf vegetables- lettuce, spinach
•Monoculture: in this cropping system one type of crop is continuously grown on the same plot of land. The crop cultivated may be an annual or perennial one. •Multiple Cropping Systems: there are several variations to this system. This is the system chosen by farmers as they are able to plant more than one crop, increasing yield on the same plot of land. Some of the variation to the multiple cropping system are: Mixed Cropping- where more than one type of crop is grown on the same plot of land at the same time. The crops are planted simultaneously. Relay Cropping- where crops are mixed but not planted simultaneously. The main crop is planted first and later on a second and/or even a third crop is planted, thus varying the harvesting periods. Sequential Cropping- this is where at different times of the year different crops are planted on the same plot of land. Multi-storey Cropping- this is where a tall or tree crop is planted with a short annual crop. The tall or tree crop provides shade and protection from the wind for the short crop. Strip Cropping- this is where strips of crops are arranged along the...
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