Cronulla Beach

Topics: Beach, Erosion, Coastal geography Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: September 4, 2013
At Cronulla Beach there are many geographical issues affecting the area. Human or natural forces can affect geographical issues. One of these issues includes erosion. Erosion is one of the biggest geographical issues, which is the wearing down of different materials, such as rock, soil and sand. Some of the few management strategies used to provide a better environment are sand dunes and the sea bee wall.

Erosion is the wearing down of different materials caused by natural forces such as long shore drift, waves and tides. These forces erode the landforms, which can cause landslides. Landslides will demolish the infrastructure, crops and animals. Erosion can also reduce the effectiveness of water treatment. Long shore drift is the transportation of sediments such as sand, rock and other materials, that moves along the coast parallel to the shoreline. As long shore drift causes materials to be carried to shore on an angle with the wash but then sent back out with the backwash, repeated to form a zigzag pattern. Waves cause erosion from constant movement and crashing against the rocks, which then sediment is caused to hit them and wear them down. Whereas tides determine the range over which the sediment is deposited or eroded.

A sand dune is a natural structure being the first land’s defense in-between the land and the sea formed in the shape of a hill filled with sand and stabilized with vegetation. Sand dunes are always changing as they grow, shift and travel. Sand dunes come from the erosion of rocks that have been broken down, which is then transported by wind or water. Sand dunes protect the land behind it and property from destructive forces such as storm surges and tsunamis causing erosion. The advantage of a sand dune effectively does hold up sand together, decreases the amount of people walking along on top of the dunes and reduces the amount of sand restoration they need to bring in. The disadvantage of a sand dune decreases the amount of land on the...
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