Panama City Beach

Topics: Spring break, High school, Panama City Beach, Florida Pages: 5 (1986 words) Published: October 7, 2010
My Most Memorable Place

My most memorable place would have to be Panama City beach, FL. I found out about this hot and wild vacation spot while I was a high school student. From tenth grade to twelfth I was constantly hearing about spring break in Panama City. The best time during the school year to go was always on spring break because spring break was always a week long and around that time panama was always live. I was drawn to Panama City beach because after the spring break of the year was over students were constantly talking about what a good time they had, how nice the beach was, and how much fun and thick the parties were every night the break took place. Around the time of my senior spring break, I had heard enough talk about how fun panama was and I decided to pull together my own trip to panama. About two weeks before my spring break I started planning. Being a tad bit naive, I felt that planning a trip could almost be done over night: and im sure that you can imagine that how those plans went. Seeing as though no one knew of an exact date for the trip, time slowly ran out and the trip ended up being canceled. Lucky me I still had college spring break to plan for and this planning time was definitely not going to waste. After four great years of being a high school student along came graduation. Seeing as though this was my last year as a high school student, students all over the area of Conyers all rejoiced and prepared themselves for the college life. My first step into the college life was fun. The semester was filled with freedom, college work, and independence. After a semester of diligent work, along came spring break. All semester I had been waiting for this time to come. Since I failed my senior semester to create a great trip to panama, now was my time to shine. While I started planning for this trip I found that a friend of mine had already been planning a trip and she invited me to come along. Full of excitement I said yes, not realizing that I never really got a chance to meet the people that she had invited. Me and the other girls that were invited to go on the trip wanted to get to know each other before we took action. As a group we came up with the decision to have meetings to get to know each other before the trip. And as the trip grew closer so did we. During these meetings we basically went over the hotel that we were going to be staying in the price of gas etc. we also discussed safety issues such as how we would always leave in groups of two or more if we had to step away for a while. We established that we would keep track with all of each others belongings if our clothes were ever to get mixed up. And last but not least, we discussed how we wouldn’t argue or fight while enjoying the trip. The last meeting that took place we were packing up and getting ready to head out. On this day we all met up at one of my friend’s house and began to pack the car with our things. Every one was conversing about how great they believed this tri was going to be and how excited they were to go. After a while we al grew sleepy so we all decided to go to sleep for an hour. After about 30min we all realized that we were to excited to sleep and we decided to go to Wal-Mart. After taking this group outing we all were ready to hit the road. While on the hwy we were so cramped up we couldn’t move. While enduring this we were so excited we didn’t care about how close we were to each other. We were so close to each other that we all used each others shoulders as pillows. Through our journey to panama we had a blast. We listened and sung songs, laughed, and cracked jokes on each other all the way to panama it was awesome. On the way to FL, to make it easier on every one we all took turns driving. I didn’t realize that I had gone to far to flash my phone over to roaming so I had to text my whole time down there but I made the best of it. When we...
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