Goldcoast Erosion

Topics: Beach, Coastal geography, Shore Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: August 26, 2013
How has erosion effect beaches in recent times?

In recent decades erosion has become a major issue to beaches around Australia, since beaches are temporary features. There is always sand being removed and sand being added to them, often, they change drastically during the year, depending upon the frequency of storms. Eventually, a beach erodes because the supply of sand to the beach cannot keep up with the loss of sand to the sea. The Sand dunes and vegetation help to hold the sand in place when wind or water tries to erode it away. The environment can be affected by erosion in several ways. First and the most obvious, houses that are built along the shore are at risk of being washed away if more sand is being removed from the beach in the winter, and not enough sand is returned in the summer. Secondly, animals that live on the beach are at risk for losing their homes. The amount of sand on the beach, and how it is deposited can also affect the shape of the shoreline, which can have an effect on the type of waves that are produced at the beach. The type of waves produced at the beach will also ultimately have an impact on beach erosion. Note: don’t worry, it’s better than mine :3

How do tourists and the tourism industry get affected?

Gold Coast is best known for its spectacular coastline beaches, which makes it a very popular place for local, national and international tourists to spend a holiday at. Coastal erosion can definitely effect tourism, because if the beach is not protected then people would not go there because it wouldn’t be safe, it would look horrible and it just wouldn’t live up to their expectations. By preventing coastal erosion beaches would be safer and therefore more tourists would come in and enjoy their stay. However these sea defences can put off tourist as they might not be visually pleasing, which can also cause people not to visit these beaches. The effects of erosion degrade the landscape, making it less attractive from a...
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