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Topics: Management
1. Critically analyzes Mr. Vincent’s reasoning
Mr. Vincent the Manager of a large supermarket has been a successful Professional. Vincent has efficiently involved in planning, organizing and controlling. Planning is a prerequisite of doing anything. It leads 15 more effective faster achievements in any organizations and enhances the ability of the organization to adapt to future eventualities. Vincent has adopted this important principle of determining the objectives of forecasting his business of supermarket and budgeting. Vincent has also involved in organizing which involves identification & grouping the activate to be performed and deciding then among the staff and creating authority and responsibility among then Vineet has Implemented organizing which contribute to the efficiency of his supermarket. He has organized units in such a way and delegations it to individuals so that each individual is directly responsible and answerable for therein respective unit ultimately Mr. Vincent can have a collective control & knowledge of business in each of his units. Hence organizing contributes to the efficiency of the organization. Thirdly Mr. Vincent has been implementing controlling which is a success factor where has been initializing the actual performance versus impacted performance which is nothing but the measurement & appraisal of activities performed by his (sales) subordinates to meet the plans of his supermarket. Receivers are conducted to have a check on the sales happening as unpaired to actual impacted as per the budget plans which gives a clear understanding of how the organization is progressing towards profit 2 turnovers and eventually programs plan for the individual appraisal programs. Hence Mr. Vincent is correct in his thought that planning organizing & controlling.
2. If you were the professor and you knew what was going through Vincent’s mind, what would you Say to Vincent?
Mr. Vincent, the Manager of a large supermarket, was taking a

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