Critical thinking Analysis

Topics: Problem solving, Critical thinking, Thought Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: March 23, 2014

1. Introduce and describe a problem in your life. This can be a simple or a complex problem such as budgeting, work issues, and child-related problems. Be as specific as possible here.

Procrastination is my main issue, I tend to put things that I see as not important on the back burner while putting other things ahead of them. I was given an assignment a little while back that consist of me doing a report about a specific companies security risk. The report was to given orally to a group of supervisor. I put it on the back burner until the day before it was due. When I tried to give the presentation it had very little information that wasn't accurate. Due to my hurry to finish this assignment I never took the time to double check my work before I gave the presentation. The manager pulled me to the side after the presentation and told me that he was very disappointed and that I would have this put on my foul up on my record now.

2. Then, define creative and critical thinking. You may use the definitions in your textbook or come up with definitions of your own that will work for your specific problem. If you use the textbook definition, be sure to cite it in proper APA format.

Critical thinking is trying to identify the details of any type of situation. Its like getting details down to the last possible one. For example you use critical thinking when planning a surprise party and trying to get everything just right for that person. Most people use critical thinking when they are trying to figure out answer to a problem that require more than just the low level logical thinking. Creative thinking is more along the lines of using your imagination in order to create a thought that can be used in your writing. Creative thinking is where I believe ideas for new products come from. The creative part of the mind lets the person imagine the item and they use there own ingenuity to create it. Creative writing is method that uses creative thinking because you...
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