Critical Thinking in Animal Testing

Topics: Human, Science, Thought Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: March 20, 2011
All human are almost the same, they are curious hence there is always questionnaire behind every issue. These question are those that stresses our mind to think out of the box, something that does not have a true or false answer as we can always find advantages and disadvantages for every issue. This is the odd thinking we human name it as “critical thinking”. There is always a hold back when we ask a question. What can we question? How much can we question? Human can always overcome problems hence for the topic Science and Technology, we had come out with the following question. Does science and technology have any relationship to morality? Well, as defined by us previously, Science and Technology is the usage of scientific knowledge in solving a problem or for the advancement of human race. First thing first, to use certain knowledge, we have to first obtain it. How do we obtain these knowledge then? It is through experiments that is performed either by scientist or anyone in this world therefore animals are being used. We as human always assume ourself as the smartest, most intelligent species in the animal kingdom but we have never thought of the other species. This is where egoism comes in play. We seldom bother of how the other species think and feel because human are selfish. As long as we get the things we want, to feel beautiful, to gain attractiveness, to obtain a luxurious lifestyle and so on. Majority people does not complain much as we are able to get the things we want easily. Hence utilitarialism comes in play as majority opinion plays its role in democratic world.
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