Critical Thinking Cappter2

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Reason Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Man is essentially not a rational being, merely one capable of rationality. It is meaning the man much learn the capable of rationality. Rational can be learning. For example, children don't have the ability to identify the right or wrong, but after them through education, can identify the right or wrong.

In china. When I am a high school student, the teacher is very strict to the boy. I think it is underlie the girls than boys easier to manage. By the way, in that time, the boy is very easy fall to the online or some bad thing. Now, I think I can understand the teacher's behavior.

I think the critical-thinking skills much by learn. It is not matter who you are, which cultural, racial and age.

I don't had any dream before me got out of bed. But sometimes, I will dream myself in a labyrinth. I walk a long ways until I see the light.

I think different races have different way of life, having the different of traditional. So they have different beliefs. Different races living environment is different, so they have different beliefs.

5. From what Francis Fukuyama says in his book, I have same worry as the author. We all like the role, Mr. Spock, that shown by his characteristic like righteous, responsible and rigid. Indeed, this world needs people being righteous, but what will happen if all of humans turn to “Spock”? I don’t think that will be a rational phenomenon to exist. Perhaps the pursuit of creating the "perfect" race, eventually change humans’ nature instinct, leading this society quirky.6 6.I'm not agree with Kerry Walters.In my mind, our educational system give students enough freedom and creativity.I don't think Mr.Spock is a desirable goal.I think the extent should be the 60%.Nobody can be completely rational,we need improve our ability but we need have ourseives' mind too.Do right things are not our whole lives. 1.Ways to enhance our ability to engage in effective critical thinking and make...
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