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Hinduism is termed as simply a religion of the people of India and has developed over a period of time. The word Hindu is derived from the name of river Indus, which flows through the northern part of India. In earlier times the river was called ‘Sindhu’. A lot of migrants from Persia settled down in India and started calling the river as ‘Hindu’. India is popularly called Hindustan and its inhabitants are Hindus. The religion followed by Hindus is thus termed as Hinduism. Hindu identity is determined by several factors; they act as a unification factor for them and also provide a purpose in their life. Hindus, primarily follow Sanatana Dharma, or universal truth. Dharma is a path that leads to balance and harmony in life. This balance is obtained by realizing that there is spiritual identity of a person which goes beyond the material existence of the body (Shattuck 2002). There are several paths for realizing spiritual realization; the most important of them is Vedic texts. These are the basis of Dharma. There is not just a single text but several exist that explain how materialistic life is different from spiritualistic life. Vedic literature is not a religious doctrine that has to be followed religiously. It is based on queries raised and possible answers provided to answer the same. The morality of Hinduism is described by two principles viz Dharma and Karma. These principles explain the formation of moral thought and action. Dharma can mean several things such as religion, duty, proper conduct, morality, righteousness, justice, norm law etc. Dharma is the basis of morality and ethics in Hinduism. Hindus believe in destiny and feel that what is destined is bound to happen and depends on their previous Karma or actions Reference

Shattuck C. (2002) Hinduism Psychology Press

The biblical worldview is based on the assumption that word of GOD prevails over everything else. When a person believes...
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