Critical Thinking

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Assessment 2: Reflective Journal 1

In this reflective journal 1 report, i will summarize the most interesting journal of the first 3 week journal entries that i have written so far. Also, i will give the reason why i selected the entry. Moreover, i will identify the biases and assumptions related to the entries that i have questioned.

Among three journal entries, i think the most impressed and interesting entry is the reflective journal weekly entry 1. In this journal, i articulated my understanding of the concept on what is critical thinking before class and after class. From my previous definition of critical thinking to a fully understanding of critical thinking now, i attained the knowledge of critical thinking from some scholars' view. Specifically, Halpern defined the critical thinking with character of purposeful, reasonable and goal directed. Also, i realized the significance of applying critical thinking skills in daily life.

To illustrate the important role of critical thinking, i gave the example of my previous critical thinking application experience. Applying critical thinking skills, i analyzed data efficiently that source from the internat and make fairly judgment on what is real and believable. Then correct and trustworthy data was effectively collected and soon put in use.

The reason why i choose week 1 journal is that the first class impressed me a lot. It let me grasp a fully understanding of the critical thinking theory, making me know what knowledge i will get in the following class. What is most important, i began to understand the teaching intention of this unit. Just as mentioned in the journal entry, i found that critical thinking is being used in our normal life, everywhere and anytime. I will consciously exercise the critical thinking skills through applying that in business and daily life. No doubt, i strongly believe i will develop my autonomous and constructive critical capabilities to a high level after this unit.

As mentioned above, my previous biases on critical thinking has been changed. I can define the critical thinking in a new lense, and find the prevalence of critical thinking usage. Through the scholar's idea on the concept, i realized the characters of critical thinking and these characters are what i had never considered before. As a student of business school, i find it necessary to put the skills into practice consciously and exercise it as much as possible.

This reflective journal 1 includes the summary of my week 1 reflective journal entry. I thought it was the most interesting entry and gave the reason why i select it. Now, after identifying the biases i used to hold in terms of the definition of critical thinking and the prevail usage of critical thinking skills, i become aware of the imperative role played by critical thinking in daily life and business sphere.

Reflective Journal weekly entries Week 1-3

Reflective Journal weekly entry 1 [reflecting on Week 1]

Reflective question 1 (from Blackboard): How would you define critical thinking? Please provide an example of where you have applied critical thinking before and discuss if this was useful.

Reflective response:

Before the week one's lecture, which gave an introduction of Critical Thinking in Business, i simply defined critical thinking as a mode of thinking. For instance, one that always wonder the reality and truth of what others said, then he or she is a critical thinker. At one time, i thought critical thinking mostly depends on one's character. If i have a sensitive, suspicious and timid personality, i am more likely to use critical thinking skills.

But after the lecture, i have realized that critical thinking is more than a way of thinking, but a combination of skills. As the definitions given in the lecture, it is characterized with purposeful, reasoned and goal directed (Halpern 2003). And critical thinking is a core skills like many other essential...
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