Critical Analysis of Education System in Pakistan

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A critical analysis of education system in Pakistan

Education is a systematic process of establishing the pillar of society. It brings up an empty mind with discourse tongue of awareness. The literal meaning of education and supplementary definition particularly on the ground of Pakistan poses an alarming condition. Sine the birth of newly independent state Pakistan, education lagged behind due to deliberate negligence of parochial feudal and state politician in particularly and bureaucracy in generally. From the emergence of Pakistan there has been centered censure by conscious group of common people and civil society, finally both influence over the government to think over seriously on their discussing point In the dilemma of authoritarian long regime and fragile civil government, education has been neglected because elite group from ruling class whether in military or so called civil representative, did not seriously boost the level of education through sound education policies. Instead of, political uncertainty, nepotism culture, thirst of power perpetuated the level of education in dregs of glass.

Pakistan inherited the system of education from British but after that no significant changes has been brought in education system of Pakistan. Consequently, the literacy rate have become less than the regional countries which got independence abreast of Pakistan. According to the Education Report 2009, it shows overall figures on education, literacy rate rose to 67 pr cent in 2009-10 than it was 57 per cent at the period of 1998-99. Out of literacy rate, male literacy stood 68 per cent and female 58 per cent in 2009-10. Female literacy rate was 57 per cent in 2008-09. Therefore, a slight one per cent increase was recorded during the period of 2009-10. 

Literacy rate is measured from the prevailing level of education in the country. There are five education levels are operating in Pakistan, primary, middle, high schooling, intermediate and university education. Unfortunately, the policy maker of education has been determined and focused only on higher education. Through such policy, an independent body of Higher Education Commission ( HEC) was established to look after overall universities education through code of conduct and various allocations of budgeting the universities including foreign scholarships in various programs. To improve the quality of higher education, primary education has been ignored since the independence of Pakistan. Although the primary level of education do have a founding role of developing the nation in every walk of life. Some Asian and almost every Western developed countries hold the reign of education and developed their economies from the utilization of modern education. In contrast, country like Pakistan’s education witnesses of dilapidated condition by terms of structural and management problems. There are 154000 primary schools with 420000 teachers do exist in both the urban and rural areas of Pakistan. Majority of them are two or three classes of school buildings where nursery to five class education is given. One can assume the running of such schools in squeezed class. Result as, a bulk of incompetent students are being produced for upcoming level of education. One side the education condition is like that and on other side the schools with out teachers, having no furniture, schools are being used as guest house by landlords are other factors to mar the quality of education.

Middle school (vi-viii) is too reflects as the primary one with out guided steps by the government of Pakistan. All efforts to increase the quality of higher education on negating the gross root education have produced anarchy in education system of Pakistan; because, a country with heavy population along with expanding rate of unemployment with lack of education is threat even to democracy. The reason of expired middle education system is followed by the primary education. Moreover, feudal system,...
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