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Experiences of implementing process management: a multiple-case study  
The article by Palmberg (2010) has analyzed the organisational implications when implementing process management; how to handle the relationship between the functional organisation and a process perspective, and the roles of managers, teams and individuals. Along with the use of   multiple case studies, Palmberg (2010) has defined what process and process management is. Author describes process management as a structured systematic approach to analyse and continually improve the process when focused on management and improvement of a single process whereas a more holistic manner to manage all aspects of the business and as a valuable perspective to adopt in determining organisational effectiveness when focused in process management of a whole organisation. Palmberg (2010) has presented a case study of three various organisations so as to make a clear elaboration on the implementation of the process management and its effects on these organisations. Some of the effects observed with the implementations are increased productivity, achieve commitment from employees, unified way of working was developed. Critique

Palmberg (2010) has discussed, here in this article, the case studies of three various organisations with various structure and sizes from Sweden. First organisation was a logistic company with about 400 employees, second organisation was an energy producer owned by a large European energy group with 100 employees, and the third one was wholly owned subsidiary of a larger Swedish insurance company. Palmberg (2010) has described how the implementation of the process management has brought the effects in these organisations. Author has depicted both the positive effects and some of the dark experiences, according to some of the employees, as well. Hence, Palmberg (2010) has addressed the topic of the article and has judged it properly. Reflection

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