Credit Life Insurance

Topics: Sales, Gender, Discrimination Pages: 5 (1782 words) Published: May 7, 2013


Problem Analysis

MOTIVATION OF SOME LEADING TO DEMOTIVATION OF SOME FOLLOWED BY DISCRIMINATION Through analyzing the California Credit Life Insurance Group it could be seen that the company is facing some serious issues regarding the gender biases within the company. Though the management believes in equal employment opportunity EEO, the executives have faced some issues related to sexual discrimination which is turning into bad reputation for the company. A case was filed against James Bradford, a sales manager from the southern region by a sales rep from the same region reporting against sexual discrimination. The management took a serious action in resolving this issue that would have lead to negative publicity of the company. To look deeper into this problem, Diana Flanagan along with other management tried to investigate the issues faced generally by all the female sales staff. It was seen that the field tasks that were allotted to the women in sales left them with personal issues dealing with most customers that were either harassed or some of the female representatives had to go through a lot of travelling that was causing problems in their domestic lives. These sales tasks were given by the regional managers and were not taken into consideration as female staff. If we take a close look at the exhibit 1, it can be seen how in the initial year e.g 1998 to 2002 majority of the female sales reps were able to achieve their quotas. At that point in time only men were not able to meet their quotas while females were performing very well. Moreover it can be seen from the data that a visible decline especially in the data of female sales representatives can be seen. After 2002 till 2004 majority of the females were not able to meet their sales quota while the men have performed well. Two inferences can be made by this exhibit 1; firstly, this could be due to high quotas being allotted to females and key accounts being transferred to men. This problem could also be traced back to the Renoldi matter where she had accused Bradford of not giving Renoldi sales opportunities. When one gender of a sales team is given opportunities and the other gender is not; only then on could get such skewed results. Secondly, the work environment that the females are working in becomes so cynical and gender bias that it causes de-motivation; the second scenario here is also pretty much applicable as we can see through verbatims that most of the men had problems with the females working in the office as their mindset was not ready to accept the challenge of the opposite gender competing and even performing better at times. When all odds go against in a work environment especially as stated above discrimination cases like Renoldi’s materialize. Another major problem that can be seen is of the performance evaluation system. We could see in the verbatim that one of the female rep had an issue that the performance evaluation system is so vague that it does not serve its purpose, in fact the employees do not get to know which area to improve after the performance has been evaluated. If we see the exhibit 3, it can be seen that though performance evaluation is a part of organizational policy it has not been carried out regularly. This tells us that the performance evaluation is taking place but not in its spirit. There have been a lot of times in the exhibit the performance was not evaluated of many employees. And this too was more in the case of females. It is also mentioned in the case that the bonus allocation did not reflect the sales volume. The sales bonus was awarded as an average of the total sales reps; this was a HR issue as the rewards need to be based on the number of sales by each rep even though the base salaries were rising as illustrated by the exhibits. When such a thing happens, all the high performing candidates get de-motivated because the effort they put in is shared by all in...
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