Topics: Profession, Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental health professional Pages: 2 (1005 words) Published: November 1, 2014
Plagiarism Tracy L. Cross Professional Counseling Credentialing Liberty University Abstract Professional identity of counselors begins with professionalization. Through credentialing and program accreditation, the identity of the counseling profession is strengthened. This paper provides a comprehensive view of the credentialing of the counseling profession, both non-legislative and legislative. Credentialing informs the public that the professional has experience, will continue professional training and has devoted to a code of ethics as well. These are important elements to the counseling profession. Credentialing in its broadest sense includes registry, certification (voluntary and regulatory) and licensure. Sweeney (1991) defined credentialing as a method of identifying individuals by occupational group. Further, credentialing is a essential step in the professionalization of counseling (Remley, 1991). From the time both of these authors wrote these statements, professionalization of counseling has been achieved. This is shown by the quantity of professional counselors who sustain a professional credential, license or membership within a professional organization. Near the beginning of the profession, registry was a voluntary listing of individuals providing counseling services lacking regulation or principles of practice. As the profession grew, verification of ones credentials became significant - therefore the birth of counselor certification. Both NBCC and CRCC offer a voluntary certification process which attests to ones qualifications based on education, experience and examination. Legislatively based certification also became general as governmental agencies put forth criteria needed for the practice of counseling in public agencies and schools. Both certifications, non-legislative and legislative, served to characterize the practice of professional counseling. According to Hosie (1991) licensure legislation is seen as the most important...
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