Creative Writing- Story Behind "I Will Never Forgive You"

Topics: Father, Mother, Doctor Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: February 18, 2012
You killed my father, and for that you shall never be forgiven.

As she was trying to open her eyes Her Blair’s vision was blurry; Blair was trying to open her eyes. A weird and sickening smell filtered in her nostrils, and it was awkwardly familiar. She was trying to clear her mind and started wondering: “where am I ?” but could hear no answer. Blair was finally able to get a vision of her surroundings. She was still under the shock of the accident and did had not recognized her mother sitting next to her and holding her hand.

“It’s me darling, everything’s going to be okay”. Oddly enough, the more she came round, the more she drowned in her thoughts, in her consciousness. She could see the whole thing again. It upset her so much that her vital signs dropped. Nurses rushed into the room, only to see Blair going crazy and shouting her fathers’ name out loud. She was babbling words no one could understand, but all she wanted was to see her father, to make sure he was okay.Very quickly, She was sedated and put to sleep. A day has passed and Blair still hasn’t hadn’t woken up. When she finally did, she decided to tell her mother and her sister what had happened.

Two weeks earlier, Elie had undergone an opened-heart surgery and a post-surgery checkup was scheduled on the fifth of December. Blair was taking her father to the hospital. On their way, the weather degraded and it started raining cats and dogs, plus, the it was so foggy that her vision was impaired. Despite that, Blair stepped on the accelerator for fear of missing the doctors’ appointment. They were about to reach the hospital when she drifted to the opposite lane and crashed into a huge truck. It all came back to her very quickly. Suddenly, she had trouble breathing, her vision went blank and she passed out.

Three days later, Blair opened her eyes again; she had passed out twice in the last four days. No one was in the room, but Blair’s alone time but that did not...
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