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Creating Your Own Web Site

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Creating Your Own Web Site Have you ever wanted to create a Web site? The next time there’s a big event at your school, such as a school play, think about creating a Web site for it. A Web site is a fast, easy way to promote a

play. Also, it’s environmentally friendly. No paper is wasted on fliers or posters. A single Web site can also reach thousands of people-many more than any flier could do. Above all, creating a Web site

teaches you important skills (such as writing, design, and technologyskills) that will help you throughout your life.

Before you can create a Web site, you will need several key materials: a computer with Internet access, digital files of any photos you want to use, and drawing paper. You’ll also need all of the key

information you want to include about the play.First, make a plan. Jot down an informal outline for your Web site. Identify the most important parts of your Web site, and create a different page for each one.

See the example below.

School Play: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

1. Homepage (play, time, date, location, links to other pages)

2. Cast and director

3. Photo gallery

4. About the play

5. Building the set

Then, carefully sketch out your Web site on drawing paper. Use a separate sheet of paper for each web page. Think about the layout of each page, or where and how the text and photos will appear.

Note any links to be added. Make sure your layout is clear and easy to follow. Don’t put all of your text in circular shapes or on top of photos. If your Web site is poorly designed, it will be hard to read.

Create a layout that looks good and organizes the page.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

• Brief summary of the play

• Date and Time

• School address (link to map)

Cast (link) Photo Gallery (link) About the Play (link) Set (link)

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