Creating Business View in Discoverer Admin

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Creating Custom Business View in Discoverer Administration

1. Start Discoverer Administrator and it will display the "Connect dialog".

2. Enter the user name, password and connect string for a DBA user.

For eg: - EUL_US/EUL_US@CRP1

Note: You must not specify the user name of an Oracle Applications user. The EUL owner is always a database user. Clear the Oracle Applications User check box.

3. Create a custom business area.

For Example: We have created XXX HRMS
Create the custom folder and apply the changes.

4. Go to Tools  Security, grant the custom business area to respective users and responsibility

5. Go to Tools  Privileges, grant the custom business area to administrative & desktop plus and viewer privileges to the respective users.

Creating Discoverer Workbook using Discoverer Plus.

Step 1: Log in to using

Connect to: Oracle Applications
Username: APPS USER (The apps user who has the privileges to the business view) Password: *********
Database: CRP1
Then leave the “End User Layer” and “Responsibility” blank and click “GO”

This will lead to the second screen to choose the Responsibility, choose the one which have the privileges to access the business view.

Hit “Continue”

Step 2: Click “Create a New workbook “ and then click “Next”

Step 3: Choose the business area from the available list in “Items” tab. Then choose the folder and its items and send to the right side “Selected” panel.

Step 4: Design the Discoverer report with sorting, adding parameter as required.

Step 5: Save the Workbook and Rename the worksheet. Note down the workbook identifier and worksheet id.

Step 6: Go to tools  Manage Workbooks. In the dialog box, choose this workbook and click “Share”. Give the sharing of the workbook to required Application users and responsibility.
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