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Crash Movie

By corcinyo Dec 13, 2010 566 Words

People are born with good hearts, but they grow up and learn prejudices. "Crash" is a movie that brings out bigotry and racial stereotypes. The movie is set in Los Angeles, a city with a cultural mix of every nationality. And throughout the movie, we see how people from different nations have to interact with each other and how these prejudice affect their life, usually in bad way, in deep and unnecessary way. The movie has lot of main characters from different movies. These main characters include a Mexican locksmith, a Persian merchant, two black robbers, a black police officer who is brother of one of the robbers, a pair of white police officers, a black tv producer and his black movie star wife, a wasp district of attorney and his socialite wife and some other side characters. Movie actually starts with two black people walking on the street as they criticize the prejudice they see from people showing them as dangerous people, possible robbers. Next second, they steal car of the attorney. Same people complaining about racial profiling give reason a legitimate reason to be racist to next black person they see. Coming home all upset, his wife sees a Mexican changing the locks in their house and she gets very suspicious that this Mexican person might give the copies of keys to his friends so they can rob the house. Locksmith hears this comment and just handles the new keys without being able to clean his name. In her mind, he is still on the way to his robber friends. On the next scene, one of the police officers tries to change his fathers doctor, but the person on the other line doesn’t care to help him, because she doesn’t need to. This person doesn’t emphasize with his pain, which leads him to think a black person wouldn’t move a thing to help him. Then on his patrol with his partner, they pull over the car of a rich black tv producer with attractive wife. In this scene, we see that white police officer feels very inferior to these upper class black people and tension between them gets very visible. White officer abuses his power and sexually abuses the movie star to make himself feel even Another racist scene in the movie is that when Persian merchant tries to buy a rifle to protect himself in a gun shop, he starts to argue with his daughter in Persian and shop owner gets an idea like they are terrorists and he doesn’t want to sell them gun. Overall, in the movie we see that these people living in multi cultural Los Angeles are trying to avoid interaction with others, especially other races. This all comes from a previous experience they had or hearing a bad experience someone else had. This leads to lesser communication and interaction between people and creates a further gap between them. The movie displays lot of prejudice and racial profiling. It just shows us that people tend to get afraid of unknown. This fear pushes people more apart and creates ground for racial prejudices. Prejudice results in prejudices getting realized. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. We believe that a person will act in a certain way, and we position ourselves to that. And that causes that person to act in that certain way.

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