Topics: Culture, Mother, Husband Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: March 4, 2009
Identify a character in the film that presented both their public and private self I believe that Anthony is a character that showed both his public and private self throughout the film. He was very opinionated about not liking white people and he did not care about what people thought of it. Anthony was very proud to be an African American and it showed throughout the movie. You also got to see a softer side of him towards the end when he discovered the van full of foreign women and children. Instead of selling them like they were brought over to the country for, he decided to let them go free. This showed a very caring and sensitive side of Anthony that we didn’t get to see in the beginning of the movie.

Identify a scene in the film that offered a good example of perception and emotion I believe a good example of perception and emotion was when the Persian store owner went to the Mexican locksmiths house to get revenge because he believed the locksmith is the one who terrorized and robbed his store. He took the gun he had purchased with intentions to kill the locksmith, and when he gets to the house they get into a confrontation. The Mexican’s little girl was looking out the door and when she seen the Persian man pull the gun out she ran out to protect her daddy because she had her “magic necklace” on. As she is running out her daddy grabs her to protect her from the bullet that was fired by the Persian. This particular scene showed a lot of perception and emotion by how upset and hurt the Persian man was about his store, to him going to retaliate against the Mexican. You could feel the pain and remorse of the Mexican man when he thought his daughter was shot, but you also see his relief when she wasn’t. He didn’t even retaliate back, he was just glad his little girl was ok and took his family in the house.

Identify a character in the film that effectively used nonverbal communication A good...
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