Multimedia Teaching

Topics: Intelligence, Emotional intelligence, Theory of multiple intelligences Pages: 4 (1068 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Multimedia Teaching with Video Clips: TV, Movies, YouTube, and mtvU in the College Classroom Modernization:
Video-brain conclusions. The value of a video clip as a teaching tool lies in its potential to do the following: (a) tap the core intelligences of verbal/linguistic, visual/spatial, musical/rhythmic, and emotional (interpersonal and intrapersonal), (b) engage both the left and right hemispheres, (c) appeal to the reptilian, limbic, and neocortex layers of the brain to sense the nature of sounds, react to scenes and music emotionally, and appreciate it intellectually, and (d) manipulate students’ Alpha and Beta brain waves to relax or alert them for learning when they’re not sleeping in Delta or Theta waveland. It would be a shame not to stir up these intelligences, hemispheres, layers, and waves in the classroom to promote learning. For an opposing perspective on the inadequacy of the preceding cognitive neuroscience findings and their implications for educational practice, see Waterhouse’s (2006a, 2006b) critical review of the evidence. Goleman’s (1998) emotional intelligence is also tied to videos. (Note: Gardner’s intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences are similar to Goleman’s emotional intelligence.) Intrapersonal involves self-reflection, self-direction, self-motivation, controlling impulses, planning, independent study, and metacognition; interpersonal emphasizes relating, cooperating, empathizing, teaching, leading, connecting with others, resolving conflicts, and social activities. The music alone in videos can elicit emotional reactions of liking or disliking and excitement or arousal (North & Hargreaves, 1997; Robazza, Macaluso, & D’Urso, 1994). Video clips can be used to communicate with learners at a deeper level of understanding by touching their emotions. Teaching Methods:

When you watch a movie or TV program, superficial and even deep feelings and emotions are elicited, such as excitement, anger,...
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