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Factors Affecting SOH Students in Shifting After One to Two Semesters

Background of the Problem
Saint Louis University offers eight courses (Bachelor of arts in Communication, Legal Studies, Philosophy, English, Political Science, Religious and Values Studies, Psychology, Social Work) under the school of humanities. The number of students on some courses is decreasing after one to two semesters. The origin of this problem are mainly about the, curriculum, the curriculum maybe boring and could not catch the students interests, financial problems that causes students to take vocational courses, available opportunities on other courses, they believe to get better paying jobs on other course, high demands regarding grades and professors, and they chose their course because it is just a trend that time. We decided to conduct a study to know why SOH students shift course. This study will be beneficial for the department of Humanities. Knowing why students shift their course will help the department minimize the problem. We also want to rank the common reasons or factors that affect the decisions of students to shift to other course. Aside, from knowing the factors, this study will also give discussions and recommendations on to diminish the problem. The purpose of the study are : to determine the factors affecting SOH students in shifting course after one to two semesters, to give recommendations on how to minimize the problem and to give guidelines to students upon deciding or choosing their course. Statement of the Problem

What are the factors affecting SOH students in shifting after one to two semesters? What is the most primary reason why student shift course? How can be the problem minimized?

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What are the factors affecting SOH students in shifting after one to two semesters?...
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