Causes of College Dropout

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Reasons for College Students Dropping Out
There are two main purposes of studying: gaining knowledge and getting a job. We need knowledge to fulfill our curiosities and we need jobs for living. Most students struggle to merge the road to knowledge and the road to the right jobs, the careers students dream about. In the long run, students seem to lose the first purpose of education; students’ main purpose of studying become finding the good jobs. Without the goal of fulfilling our curiosities, we tend to lose the motivation of studying. There are three causes of college students dropping out: school issues, family environment, and personal problems.

A cause of college students dropping out is school issues. Some classes among graduation requirements do not interest students. Students take these classes reluctantly and are not motivated to study. As a result, they got low scores. This affects their overall performance and may turn the students off. A flexible curriculum will help students find more interesting subjects. The more they like the subjects, the harder students study for the subjects. Second, schools need to provide some convenient tutoring systems. Many classes are difficult to grasp the new concepts. Students do better if they can have someone to ask besides the class teachers because different ways of explaining the ideas may trigger students’ comprehension. Third, teachers can be a factor of the dropout. Some professors move too fast on lecturing, and some students have a hard time to keep up with the pace. Consequently, students do not understand the materials. Moreover, professors who give students very difficult exams, or assign students the homework that is not well related to the lecture attribute to students’ failure also because students become frustrated with their performances. Last, school should offer students more real life opportunities. Entry level jobs and internship must be informed to students, so they can have the vision to...
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