Cpr; Infants and Children

Topics: Infant, Breathing, Cardiac arrest Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Tiffany Cole
CPR Essay
CPR is an emergency procedure used for someone that is thought to be in cardiac arrest. This procedure can be used to save someone’s life if it is performed the correct way. To perform CPR, one has to be properly trained. The process for children CPR differs from that of adults. Explained below are the CPR procedures for infants and small children. The process of CPR for infants starts by yelling and shouting at the baby. If there is no response you must open the air way and listen for breath sounds. First, you must blow into the infant’s mouth twice causing the chest to rise. Then just below the nipple, pump thirty times on the baby’s chest. Continue with two breaths and the chest pumps for two minutes and call 911. The CPR process for small children starts out the same as it did for infants. Shake and shout if the child. If there is no response tilt the child’s head back and listen for breath sounds. Then blow twice in the mouth so the chest rises. Pump thirty times in the center of the chest. Continue with two breaths and thirty pumps for two minutes and call 911. CPR is easy to learn and can be very useful if you are ever in a situation where a child has stopped breathing. Daycare centers are required to have their staff adequately trained in CPR to ensure the safety of the children. To become certified in CPR one can take classes in the community.
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