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Topics: Government, Company, Imposing Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Increasing the awareness of green accounting in Malaysia
1.0 Introduction
We have been introduced to green accounting but the matter arise concerning with the application of this system in Malaysia is our lack of awareness, it is essential for us to come with the solutions on overcoming this obstacle in achieving sustainable economy and environment.

2.0 Implicating enquiries in preparing financial reporting 3.1 Government plays role in imposing a new regulation. Government is the solicitor for the companies in Malaysia to practice green accounting. 3.2 Government should impose mandatory green accounting reporting while preparing financial reporting. 2.2.1 Similar requirement has been made by the government to the companies to prepare Corporate Responsibility Reporting (CSR) beginning with the financial year ending 31st December 2007. 3.3 By including green accounting reporting as one of the regulation to meet for the new local company and foreign company to enter Malaysian market.

3.0 By holding workshop, summit, conference & talks on green accounting. 4.4 To educate the accounting users on what green accounting is all about. 4.5.1 Some of the accounting users are ignorant of the impact on the depletion of natural resources and environmental degradation in our economy. 4.5.2 Why green accounting is effective in achieving sustainability. 4.5 To inform them about the inputs and outputs of green accounting in their reporting 4.6.3 The know-how of preparing green accounting reporting 4.6.4 How can the accounting users get benefit from preparing green accounting. 4.6 Conference allows the company in Malaysia to initiates cooperation between other local companies or foreign company. Exchange ideas or even by having the opportunity to work together regarding green accounting with other experienced company.

4.0 By using the role of media to...
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