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This course area is designed to provide a general understanding of key problems facing the modern world by examining a contemporary issue in its historical context. Through the study of a specific case study students will gain a better understanding of the world today, and an appreciation for the importance in that understanding. A key goal is for students to achieve the competence, self-assurance, and know-how needed to face the opportunities and challenges of the global community in which we all live. This course area will help develop understandings of the variety of ways that the past has been brought into and understood in the present. Students will also learn about the core concepts of history, culture, and globalization, which will be discussed in the context of the contemporary global issue in question. The contemporary issue that we will face in this class is Revolution. Revolution can be defined as rapid, often violent, political, social, economic, and cultural change in a country or region over a fairly short period of time. During the past year and a half, revolutions have swept the Arab World from North Africa through the Middle East. Long entrenched rulers were driven from power in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Libya. Daily we read in the press about the bloody struggle (Just this week the UN has estimated 60,000 people have died) the Syrian people have waged to overthrow the Assad family, which has been in power for some 40 years. Depending on what happens in Syria, other nations such as Iran, may also erupt in full-scale rebellion. The Arab Spring has significance today and for the future, not only for the Middle East and North Africa, but also for the entire world. In this course,...
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