Corruption of Money

Topics: Political corruption, Bribery, Politics Pages: 2 (1098 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Traivion Sharp
Professor M. Harris
Transfer Salon
October 20, 2014
Money and Corruption
While money will always be important to our society, its perceived value is diminishing our standing towards more important matters such as Human behavior, relationships and politics. I have always been around or known someone that’s always had lots of money because they had a good paying job or because their family inherited lots of money over time. I never had lots of money growing up or had the stuff my other friends had. I remember when I was younger that having lots money was important because that would mean I could have and do everything I wanted. I have always tried to figure out what is it about being wealthy or having more than enough money that might make a person behave differently, commit a crime or do anything out of the ordinary to get more money. I wondered if it could be the thought of having more money would mean that you would have a societal advantage over everyone else, or if it could be the thought of having lots of money made a person feel good inside because of the belief that having lots of money is a sign of hard work and dedication, or if it was just flat out greed and selfishness. I’ve always heard the saying “money is the root of all evil” and questioned myself if it was actually true or not. It’s in the bible, I’ve heard people say it and I’ve seen it on television and social media. After I hearing and seeing this saying many times, it seemed that the more I heard or seen it, the more it was to be true. People close to me were getting divorced because of different financial issues, I would turn on the news channel and the first thing I would see would be the cops looking for someone who broke into a bank, or someone using violence over the cause of money. It’s Obvious that money gives people freedom and choices. People can make the decision on where and how they want to live when they have a good income or financial resource....
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