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Anticorruption agencies: expressive, constructivist and strategic use This article is based on the anticorruption agency in Eastern Europe. This anticorruption agency is based on how well they provide the government with anticorruption discourses, however they question the government’s interest in it. The instrumentalization of the political disclosure means to direct to organize and to adapt. This is used to assure that the business opportunities remain open in an anticorruption form. Generally the new institutions aspiration is to express particular common values and beliefs to encourage residents to find commodity in what they have to offer, this is known as constructivism. The introduction of anticorruption institutions has become an example of constructivist logic in institutional engineering. These institutions are created not because of concrete cost-benefits analyses, but largely because of public pressure on governments keen on demonstrating their personal integrity, and their commitment to anticorruption. Towards the end of the 1990s Eastern Europe embarked on an institutional experiment involving a considerable leap of faith: the universal implementation of anticorruption institutional reforms. An important part of these was the setting up of new bodies designed to create and carry out anticorruption policies and strategies. They have grounded their information on two valid points first being that in Eastern and Central Europe the use of anticorruption is undeniable and in the past 10 years the unemployment, poverty, and poor public services has tremendously increased. Secondly they seem to have no solid evidence on how to measure the cost and benefits of an anticorruption agency. Although, they do not have a precise reliable measurement of corruption the institutions are created essentially because of public pressure and their obligation to anticorruption. In the anticorruption domain Eastern Europe has sustained a useful laboratory for over twenty...
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