Corporate Wellness Program Case Study

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Corporate Wellness Program
In term of increase memberships as well as the sales revenue, 24-M1 Fitness Club could consider to offer corporate wellness program to employees who worked nearby the Georgetown area. It is believed that healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive employees.
The benefits for company are obvious as the corporate wellness program would bring them lowered expenses in return which often in the form of better performing employees because the employees are the most valuable assets to the company. In addition, by providing the program to employees, the company will improving wellbeing and job satisfaction as well as raising the retention rates.
As an employee, some are soft of health risk to varying degrees,...

The journey to physique competition is probably the tough but it is also one of the most rewarding to customers as their body shape become well and give them more self-confidence. These customers might purchase the protein in order to get a better result and have a chance to win the cash.
Besides, the Body Beauty Competition would motivate people to get their fitness results, hence, lots of testimonial would be generated through 24-M1 Fitness Club. As the result, company reputation can increase in the market and this might gained back the trust from the lost customers to try on 24-M1 Fitness Club again.
However, 24-M1 Fitness Club have to ensure that the prizes are attractive enough to attract the members for participating the Body Beauty Competition besides have to make sure that it is worth enough to implement.

The best referrals come from customers because if the company could offer their customers quality service and could perform good results, these customers would probably tell their friends or family about the company. Or 24-M1 Fitness Club might use another way to gain their referrals by asking customers for 2-3 of their friends’ phone numbers but this might involve in privacy.
Besides, 24-M1 Fitness Club could also encourage their current customer to introduce a new customer to sign for 3 months membership or yearly membership, then the current customer can get another free 1 month membership. This is not only save up the advertising cost and time but it can also retain the existing customers. Therefore, 24-M1 Fitness Club should considered the referral program as...
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