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Topics: Starbucks, Coffee, McDonald's Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: January 9, 2013
McDonalds VS Starbucks in, E-commerce strategies, Service to accommodate the local Markets and Culture McDonalds Architectural Design of Stores
According to USA Today article Mc Donald’s new design is turning heads. Before anyone able to get a peek at new store plans in Tampa, USA Today had the pleasure of analyzing it. In their opinion it set the tone for other locations currently established now. According to USA Today, McDonald’s wanted to go beyond making customer cozy but eliminate the rivals. After, visiting a few stores I see how that is very possible. USA Today also mentioned that McDonald borrowed a few ideas from Starbucks on styles and concepts for instance, Mc Cafes access to Wi-Fi and espresso coffee. In fact, McDonalds had already ultra- modernized outlets in Europe and Australia which is said to have pulled designs from those locations. (Horovitz, 2011) Service to accommodate the local Markets and Culture:

McDonalds have in certain area in China major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai provides a delivery service. Surprisingly it is fairly affordable being about one dollar and five cents. McDonald allows their employee to travel on scooters that attaches an insulated bag to protect the food and menus. Moreover, for the most part McDonalds in China sale similar items but there a few things that are difference such as no mediums sizes, prices are cheaper and they offer more chicken items and pineapple pie .(Aylmer,2011) Starbucks Architectural Design of Stores

Starbucks approach to their architectural is something of a cultural contribution in the America where it has made popular the Italian coffeehouse tradition but with an U.S look. Starbucks stores offers uniform look all while aiming for that crafty artful space and serve as gathering hubs stated Arthur Rubinfeld, president of global development. Moreover, the author offer examples of designs ranging from converted bank vault, expansive café for poetry reading and jam...

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